KPMG Master of Accounting with Data and Analytics Program

Developing Accountants in the Data Age

As a recognized leader in audit, tax, and advisory services, KPMG has worked with the country’s leading business schools to create this forward-thinking, award-winning program.

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An industry changing first-of-its kind program

Prepares students for the highly complex business landscape by combining the practical use of data and analytics (D&A) technologies with D&A-focused accounting curriculum. The KPMG Master of Accounting with Data and Analytics (MADA) program gives you the tools you need to meet the challenges of the data age.

The KPMG MADA program is a differentiator for our firm and for your future:

Audit professional skills have changed

Our increasingly data-rich world requires professionals to be savvy about D&A, plus have the critical thinking skills needed to translate data patterns and anomalies into relevant and meaningful business insights

Next Gen auditors need to build these skills early in their academic and professional careers – and the MADA program helps you do just that!

Investing in the future

Providing more than $7 million in scholarship funding over three years for students to obtain their Master of Accounting at one of fifteen participating universities.

Making a difference

Creating pathways for underrepresented future leaders to build thriving careers in the professional services industry and supporting our goal to be the employer of choice for top accounting talent.

Evolving the program

Launched in 2017, the level of collaboration established between academia and KPMG has accelerated the inclusion of data and analytics into master’s degree programs at leading business schools across the United States.

In 2022, KPMG is continuing the curriculum-driven focus of the program and expanding the universities we work with while aiming to set the tone for academic innovation and influence the broader academic community to pursue an advanced curriculum that includes D&A and technology.

We are incredibly proud of the success of the KPMG MADA program and its graduates and look forward to continuing to work with universities on D&A curriculum programs and providing more students access to technologies.

An investment in education and diversity

KPMG has 15 universities participating in the MADA program, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), beginning with the 2022-2023 academic year. The firm is also providing more than $7 million in scholarship funding over three years to the participating universities participating.

This expansion aligns with the firm’s Accelerate 2025 commitments and is one of several ways KPMG is creating pathways for underrepresented future leaders to build their careers in the profession and with KPMG as an employer of choice.


participating universities


in scholarship funding over three years

“Today’s professionals need a blend of accounting and STEM skills.

The future accountant needs to be data-centric, with skills in data mining, analysis, and visualization. Auditors need to ‘speak the language of data’ and should be well-versed in artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain and other technologies as well as auditing standards and accounting practices.”

Becky Sproul

Audit Talent and Culture Leader

“Expanding the master’s program will help close the gap

between academic preparation and accounting career readiness. Importantly, our HBCU-focused investments will support underrepresented individuals and diversify our profession, better enabling us to deliver quality and innovation long-term.”

Scott Flynn

KPMG Vice Chair – Audit

Participating Universities

See which pioneering business schools are involved in the program.

Through the MADA program relationship, KPMG provides financial assistance through scholarship gifts to participating universities to be awarded to recipients selected by the universities.

Below you will find background information on the participating universities’ graduate programs and details on how to be considered for the MADA scholarship at each university.

How to apply

Please visit the websites for the participating universities for more information on how to apply to their graduate accounting program, their MADA scholarship application timeline, scholarship eligibility criteria and much more!