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Pre-Internship Programs

Get a Big Head Start on Your Future

This is where your journey begins. Our innovative national and local programs offer you exciting opportunities to network with KPMG professionals to get a head start on your career explorations.

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Pre-internship programs for you

Are you eager to jump start your career? As early as your freshman year, we offer opportunities to help build your resume, network with KPMG professionals, and develop your leadership skills.

Early Career
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Early Career


Impactful Projects. Real-World Results.

The KPMG Internship Experience is a terrific way to learn business skills, find a mentor, build your network, and get real-world (even global) experience before graduation. And it can often lead to a full-time job.

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Why KPMG Internships

An internship can connect you with the countless opportunities at KPMG. Through a KPMG internship, you can...

Experience national training

No other Big Four firm offers a consistent national training experience for all Audit, Tax, and Advisory interns.

Meet your mentor

Pair up with a mentor who can inspire and guide your internship and your career.

Build a network

Start growing your professional network by interacting with KPMG senior professionals and employees worldwide.

Gain experience

By engaging with clients, you'll become more knowledgeable and more marketable.

Explore career opportunities

Learn what it's really like to be an Audit, Tax, or Advisory professional...and you may find yourself on the path to a full-time job offer.

Internship Programs

With programs designed to help you grow and succeed while expanding your network, our internship can connect you with countless opportunities that will inspire your career at KPMG.


Our Values in action

KPMG National Intern Training is designed to help you accelerate your learning by offering a deep dive into your chosen practice— including spending time at our advanced learning center, KPMG Lakehouse, in Lake Nona, Florida. Here, you will connect with students and KPMG professionals alike while developing your career potential.

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Global Internship Program

Gain International Experience

Our award-winning Global Internship Program (GIP) gives top college students the opportunity to work abroad and see what it takes to be a global professional. After starting your GIP internship at a KPMG office location in the U.S., you'll spend four weeks on assignment with international teams on major client accounts, with a global support network there to guide you every step of the way. KPMG clients and the capital markets are becoming more international every day, and the GIP is a great first step for professionals of the future.

Embark Scholars Program

Our Values in action

We designed the Embark Scholars Program to help high-performing students begin their career journey with the tools to be the KPMG leaders of tomorrow. This internship offers industry-leading technical and professional development training across all KPMG service areas and more. Candidates should be pursuing degrees in accounting, taxation, finance, information technology, computer science, engineering, management information systems, or equivalent programs. Additionally, candidates should demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and students from a traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic minority group within the professional services industry are encouraged to apply.

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Early Career
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Early Career

Full-time Careers

Realizing Your Full Potential

All of the connections you've made as a student will ultimately lead to the potential of finding a full-time position within our firm. A career with KPMG can give you the opportunity to be part of a team that values and encourages an innovative and transforming culture, where you can create lasting change.

Whether you're just getting to know us in the early years of a bachelor's program or you've experienced our dynamic work environment as an intern, KPMG is ready to help you realize your full potential through a full-time position.

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Your First Year Experience

When you join KPMG, you'll collaborate with some of the most talented and innovative people in the profession, across all areas of our business and all organizational levels and functions, to bring our strategy to life every day. We want you to be better tomorrow than you are today, so when you begin at KPMG, you’ll participate in training designed to give you the foundation you need to grow, thrive, and succeed going forward.

Advanced Degree

Make the most of your advanced degree

Today's global business demands sharp intellect, fresh creativity, analytic ability, and strategic thinking. That's why a career in public accounting with an innovative firm like KPMG is the perfect place for individuals completing MBA or JD programs.

At KPMG, we recognize the tremendous value advanced degree candidates bring to our firm and our clients. While most would recognize us as one of the Big Four accounting firms, we also provide exceptional opportunities for MBA, experienced Masters, PhD, and Law candidates across our different functions.

Working for KPMG means you get the best of both worlds; dynamic and challenging consulting opportunities, with the ability to tap into the client base, industry and organizational expertise, as well as the vast resources of a multi-functional and international firm.


Connect with a KPMG Recruiter to learn more about available opportunities

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Early Career
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Early Career

Guide to Success

Every Successful Journey Starts with a Plan

It’s never too early to start building your qualifications. When entering the professional world, you need to both have the knowledge and act the part. You need to master both the technical skills to do the job and the soft skills necessary to communicate effectively as you work with integrity and enthusiasm. That means all your actions, online and off, impact your candidate profile and your chances of being hired. Companies are seeking their future team members and need you to show them through your attitude, actions, interviewing and social media presence that you are ready to go and represent them accordingly.

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Chart Your Course

Guide Your Future

It’s best to plan your career activities, internships, and/or job applications based on your four- or five-year track, your graduation date, and your long-term location preference. Click our Career Navigator to map out your candidate journey.

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Important Considerations

Entering the professional world means not only having the knowledge but also acting the part. To succeed you need to have the technical skills to do your job, but you also need to master soft skills, such as communication, working with others, integrity, and enthusiasm. All of your actions both online and off, impact your personal brand. Companies are looking for their future team members and need you to show them through your attitude, actions, and interview that you are ready to go and represent them accordingly.

Early Career
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