Experience, upskilling, and opportunity to unlock your full potential

Audit is a challenging and accelerated career path. KPMG is focused on empowering our audit professionals and providing them with a fulfilling and dynamic career characterized by continuous learning and diversified experience. You will gain access to advanced technology and opportunities to develop skills in Audit and shape a career that unlocks your full potential.

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Evolving the Next-Gen Auditor

Emerging technologies are creating efficiencies that allow our professionals to spend more time gaining new perspectives and deeper insights. As the industry changes, our business evolves alongside it. KPMG recognizes the value behind our auditors’ skills, experience, ideas, and expertise, and we work steadily to introduce new technologies that will free you from repetitive tasks. As a result, you can spend more time on high-judgment audit areas and insightful tasks, resulting in greater job satisfaction.

Empowering Professionals

to expand their skills:

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Enhancing skillset to perform IT testing

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Advanced training in data visualization technologies

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Upskilling in data extraction and transformation technologies

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Advanced project management skills through facilitated workshops, guides, and continuous improvement bulletins


To meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry, KPMG Audit is utilizing innovative, emergent technologies to create a more streamlined, data-driven audit experience that enhances quality and productivity. Coupled with advanced tools, our audit professionals can share data and collaborate more efficiently than ever before. Technology will accelerate your KPMG Audit career.

KPMG Clara

KPMG’s smart audit platform is designed to facilitate more seamless and transparent interactions between our clients and engagement teams. It offers a centralized portal that serves as a single source for the exchange of important information. We have made tremendous investments to reimagine the audit experience for our clients and our own professionals. Our focus has been bringing clarity to the audit process through a modernized approach and methodology that expands the use of innovative technology.

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Centralized communication

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Risk-based and data-driven

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Innovative and future-focused

Tools for Today

We embrace a start-up mindset, investing in fundamental transformation, and experimenting with new ideas, such as digital-based tools, that enhance audit quality.


Utilizing automation across key audit processes enables our professionals to complete testing consistently and effectively. Our continued and collective investments in technology fuel our drive toward end-to-end automation. Here are a few examples of the tools we use to facilitate our modern approach:

Automated Hedge Fund Routines

Automated Hedge Fund Routines perform portions of various substantive audit procedures over investments for private fund audit engagements.

Journal Entry Insight Dashboard

Journal Entry Insight Dashboard provides insights into complex data through an interactive dashboard.

Automated Vouching Tool

Automated Vouching Tool reduces routine tasks by automating invoice vouching procedures.

Commercial Mortgage Loan Application Tool

Commercial Mortgage Loan Application Tool saves time and increases consistency by extracting and presenting data from loan files in a dynamic workflow.

Financial Statement Accuracy Intelligent Tool

Financial Statement Math Accuracy Intelligent Tool performs footing, cross-footing, recalculation, and prior period tie-outs on financial statements, and checks for internal consistency.

KPMG Platform for Intelligent Automation

KPMG Platform for Intelligent Automation is a collection of bots used to automate and standardize elements of control testing, enhance overall efficiency, and reduce manual tasks.


We put our culture and values front and center.

At KPMG, we inspire confidence in our clients by empowering our people and their success. Our award-winning culture enables personal and professional development, collaboration, integrity, ethics, diversity, and inclusion. It’s one of the many reasons KPMG is widely recognized for being a great place to work and is consistently named one of Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.” Join us and explore where your career can take you.

Who We Are

Fastest Growing Big Four

KPMG is one of the world’s leading professional services firms and the fastest growing Big Four accounting firm in the United States. With more than 75 offices and 40,000+ employees and partners throughout the U.S., we’re leading the industry in new and exciting ways. Explore

Benefits & How We Work

Total Rewards Designed for You

KPMG understands what matters most to our professionals. That’s why we’re proud to offer a comprehensive and competitive benefits package that promotes physical, mental, and financial well-being. Perks such as our comprehensive health insurance, 401(k), flexible spending accounts, mortgage assistance programs, etc. help you make the best decisions for yourself and your family. Explore

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Come as you are. Go where you want.

You are who you are, and that’s who we want. Your unique perspective, skills, and experience are invaluable and allow you to contribute to KPMG in ways no one else can. Grow the career you want while being the individual you truly are. Explore

Professional Development

Investing in Your Success

Your career is just as important to us as it is to you. It’s the engine that drives our business. That means when you grow as a professional, the firm grows as an organization. Our innovative career development programs have won us multiple awards, including Training magazine’s Top 10 Hall of Fame. Discover how we can help your career both grow and thrive. Explore

Community Impact

Our Values in Action

At KPMG, our values define who we are and what we believe. They guide thousands of extraordinary professionals across the country to do what is right, act boldly and draw strength from our differences so we can better serve our clients and our communities. Values like our commitment to education and life-long learning allow us to empower our people to take control of their careers and professional development. Explore

Areas of Opportunity

KPMG Audit opportunities are abundant—whether it’s a new client, emergent technology, or a career path you have never considered before. We’re committed to providing our professionals with access to the types of opportunities that not only help them grow, but also motivate and inspire them to be their best.

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Early Career Opportunities

Join us as an undergraduate or graduate and, from early on, you’ll have hands-on, real-world responsibility and the support you need to develop a breadth of skills and experiences that will enable you to fulfill your potential. You can work across locations, industries and take on highly challenging and groundbreaking projects.

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ESG: The watermark running through KPMG

KPMG believes that a strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy makes the companies we audit better. Get insights on advances our Audit practice is making in sustainable finance.

By joining KPMG Audit, you can play your part and see yourself in our impact plan.


We are prioritizing sustainability at all levels of our firm. We take a holistic, total-firm approach to addressing climate change, acknowledging that our travel, energy consumption, water usage, supply chain decisions, and other sustainability factors are all interconnected.


We look to ensure an equitable society and workplace by supporting our people’s professional development and protecting their health so they can thrive both inside and outside the workplace.


We believe in purposeful business practices and good corporate citizenship for a better world. We are committed to promoting equity and access, cultivating lifelong learning, and leveraging the full power of our firm to tackle some of the most pressing business challenges.


Ensuring a strong, ethical business culture is a priority at KPMG. The systems, processes, and structures we put in place reflect our firm's purpose and values with a relentless focus on ethics and integrity.

Unique Offerings

People are at the heart of our Audit practice. That’s why we are focused on providing award-winning training and development, effective mentoring, and generous financial incentives to help our professionals build a strong foundation for success.

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Owning your career

KPMG is focused on empowering and inspiring our audit professionals to think differently—to innovate and advance the profession alongside their own skillset. Explore the opportunities you will have from associate to partner to create a meaningful career path and unlock your full potential:


We recognize the investment you are making in yourself and reward your achievements.

CPA Incentive Program

KPMG offers CPA review courses and reimbursement. In addition, if you pass the CPA exam within your first year of employment, you will receive a $5,000 incentive award; $3,000 within your second year.

Early Career Rewards

Early-career professionals are critical to our firm’s long-term success, and we’re committed to providing attractive rewards that recognize the contributions you make—both now and in the future. We’ve created this special rewards program just for early-career KPMG professionals that not only provides a long-term financial incentive but also makes life easier today by helping to pay for some of the things that are most important to you right now.

KPMG Technology Assurance – Audit Certification Program

KPMG encourages and supports Technology Assurance - Audit professionals in obtaining certain professional certifications to achieve and maintain their professional status. The program consists of reimbursement for the review course and exam fees for certain professional Technology Assurance-related certifications and a financial bonus for completing specific bonus eligible certifications.

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